Swearing Bird Doesn’t Like Round Cages. [Video]

This might be the greatest PSA warning about round bird cages and the greatest video of a bird/owner interaction. Hilarious! [Y]

60-Year Old Grandpa Drinks Beer With No Hands And No Arms [Video]

From Imgur: Bet 60 year old father in law he can’t drink a beer with no hands or arms.

Sweet! Awesome! Amazing! But then again, when you think about it, ‘Grandpa Drinks Beer With No Hands And No Arms’ could’ve just picked it up with his mouth (2:36 mark) and skipped the whole yoga rolling-around bit. [Imgur]

Cristiano Ronaldo Disguises Himself As A Street Performer. Kicks Soccer Ball With Kid. [Video]


Great prank-PSA. A lot of people are kicking themselves for not giving street performer Ronaldo the time of day. I bet street performers in this town’s square are killing it right now. [ESPN]

The Filipino Diving Team Is Gutsy But Not That Good. [Video]

Youtube: Funny and Embarrassing Moments of Filipino Divers in SEA Games 2015.

Somebody out there has a ‘standing in front of an audience wearing only a Speedo’ nightmare. The Filipino diving team added ‘performing a dive you have not trained to perform and landing painfully on your back’ to that nightmare. [D]

Don’t Call LeBron James A Pussy Ass Bitch. [Video]

Woman calls LeBron a Pussy Ass Bitch

Building a list of names to NOT call LeBron James and basically, Pussy Ass Bitch is at the top of the list.

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Dad Guesses Playing Card With A Little Help [Video]

Guessing the playing card prank

This is the apex of dadhood. Getting to trick your kid into thinking you’re good at something is all that dad’s have left.

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Bathroom Sinks Hate Him.

Cat Bathing In Sink

Take everything you thought about cats hating water and throw it out. We’ve had it all wrong.

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Need Girl Scout Cookies From A Grown Up

Girl Scout Cookies Craigslist Ad

Craigslist ad for Girl Scout cookies by a person who can not make contact with minors is honest, sad and law abiding.

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