Archives for April 2013

Los Angeles Dodger’s 2013 Highlights: National Anthem Sung By A Fan In Falsetto. [Video]

Of all the things you could hear at a baseball game, a fan singing the anthem like this isn’t so bad.

Straight Outta Thailand: Iron Man 3 Trailer Parody. [Video]

Take a bunch cardboard, kids toys and a bunch of Thai dudes and you got everything you’ll need to make the parody trailer.

Jon Hamm On The Daily Show. [Video]

Jon Hamm has a permanent spot on C-saurus. Why? Because last year, he nailed it on the whole reality TV cluster-f@ck.

New Hampshire Man Loses His Life Savings Trying To Win An Xbox At A Local Carnival. [Video]

CPS… you might want to start a file on Henry Gribbohm.

‘Life Through Google’s Eyes’ – An Auto-Complete Reflection Of Society. [Video]

Crazy video showing Google results where the search term starts with ‘I’m [age] and….’

Compilation: The Best News Bloopers Of April 2013 (Yes, AJ Clemente Included). [Video]

Thank goodness for the compilation video… and Tsegaye Kebede.

Latest Movie Trailer: ‘Pacific Rim.’ [Video]

Another Transformers movie? Not likely with Guillermo del Toro at the helm.

Selfie: Devil Rays Reporter Kelly Nash Gets Photobombed By Baseball.

Not the face! This picture of a baseball whizzing by reporter Kelly Nash’s head will be the next internet meme.