Word Of The Day! Glasshole: A Google Glass Wearer Who Uses It In A Manner That Irritates Others.

Glasshole - Google Glass cheater.Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass.Move over Mr. Obvious game-cheater with a mobile phone – Google Glass is sneaking in and it may be a game-changer when it comes to… playing games. Unlike clumsy mobile phones, Google Glass is set in eyeglasses and controlled via voice commands so the wearer can repeat the question and surreptitiously access the answer for games like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble etc. But the glasslash is hitting before the product has reached the market. From Geekosystem:

John Doerr is a venture capitalist and Glass enthusiast. He likes to use his Google Glass to cheat at Scattergories against his family. Claire Cain Miller is a New York Times who questioned whether what Doerr was doing was ethical or not. Bruce Schneier is a computer security expert, who publicly answered Miller’s question about Doerr on his blog. Schneier called Doerr out for cheating, but then went out of his way to make the world a slightly worse place by adding, ‘We’re seeing the birth of a new epithet, ‘glasshole.’'”

Our guess on Googles’ response: Google Glass Contact edition followed by Google Glass Lasik. [Geekosystem]

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