Archives for May 2013

Keyboard Cat Animatronic Plush Toy Now On Sale.

The fun may run out before the batteries do. (Still love the Keyboard Cat though)

Woman Wins One Million Dollars On Wheel Of Fortune. [Video]

Autumn Erhard won $1 million but she probably wasn’t the happiest person on the stage at the end of the show.

Custom Time Machine Bicycle For Sale On Craigslist.

Basic bike riding skills a MUST!!!

Guy Awesomely Photoshops Celebrities Into Party Pictures.

We can all Photoshop poorly. Some can do it well.

Movie Trailer: Monsters University. [Video]

Is that an Animal House reference in the new Monsters University movie?

Lasagna-Bun Burger: Deep-Fried Lasagna Buns With A Hamburger In Between.

‘Can I have a Lasagna-Bun Burger with a side of defibrillator?’

In Search Of… Pokemon: ‘The Hunt For Pikachu.’ [Video]

Who’s next? Bulbasaur? Charmander?

North Carolina Couple Plan Dolphin Assisted Water Birth. [Video]

Kooky couple wanting an unconventional birth or is this about perspective and love?