12-Week Old Puppy Survives One Month W/O Food Or Water In An Impounded Car. [Video]

From Abroath:

“For what officials believe is nearly one-third of her life, Kia the puppy was trapped inside a Chevy Suburban as it sat in a Kansas City tow lot. The car had been impounded nearly a month ago, and no one knew she was there – until Monday. A tow company employee was marking vehicles for auction when the dog jumped up on the dashboard, according to Danny Rotert, spokesman for Kansas City municipal government. Tow lot employees called police, who came out and got the vehicle unlocked.”

The terrier-schnauzer is expected to make a full recovery. Why the name “Kia”? Because they couldn’t think of a better name based on the vehicle she was found in (Chevy Surburban). [Abroath]

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