‘I’m A Very Lucky Man To Have Worked With Walt Disney… But Walt Disney Was A Shit.’ [Video]

This video of Disney layout artist/animator Walter Peregoy is from 2012. I’m pretty sure Mr. Peregoy’s opinion of Disney and the animation industry hasn’t changed much since. Jennifer Peregoy, Mr. Peregoy’s grand-niece, commented on the video:

“I think I should add some clarification… There are a couple of reasons people are laughing- Not sure if this point was clear, but this show is actually taking place at the Disney Animation Studio. Some people are laughing because they are uncomfortable and (I believe) they are nervous. Some of us are laughing because we knew it was coming and it is quite enjoyable to watch those people squirm. The rest are laughing, I believe, out of surprise. I don’t believe ANYONE was laughing AT him.”

I don’t believe anyone was laughing at him either. Awesome3! [via Imgur]

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