Gas Station Scam: Buy The Station, Sell Everything Cheap And Take Off. [Video]

Gas station scammers.This is the ultimate gas scam. From the Consumerist:

“The scam victim was the owner of the gas station, who thought that they had sold the place to credible new owners. Instead, after a glorious one-day sale with everything in the convenience store half off and gas about forty cents per gallon below the local market price, the sale collapsed. The owner says that the down payment check bounced, the buyers disappeared, and $50,000 in cash was missing along with the gas and merchandise that local customers pounced on during that too-good-to-be-true sale.

According to the all-knowing crowdsourced site GasBuddy, gas prices in that part of Minnesota are $4.29 per gallon today. On Saturday, customers lined up all the way out to the street to buy gas priced at only $3.85.”

I feel bad for the gas station’s original owners but a good lesson is probably to never sell property Craigslist’s style. Wait for the check to completely clear before handing over the keys. [Consumerist and KSTP]

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