Bully Shaming: Parent Forces Step-Daughter To Wear Thrift Store Rejects For Bullying At School. [Video]

Bully shaming: wearing unfashionable clothes to school.A Utah 4th grader was forced by her stepmother to wear unfashionable thrift show clothes to school for two days as punishment for fashion-bullying a classmate over a three week period. From the stepmother:

“If she chooses to be a bully after this, then at some point in her life, she’s going to be on the other side and she’ll know what it really feels like. And I think now that she knows what it feels like, and she doesn’t want to be that person anymore because she knows how hurtful it is.”

It’s not often that you hear about a stepmother getting it right but I think it has happened here. [Fox13 via SFGate via Boing Boing]

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