Archives for May 2013

Dag Gummit! Bill Dance’s ‘Outdoors’ Blooper Reel. [Video]

Funny blooper compilation also doubles as an instructional video for not-swearing while fishing in Tennessee.

Vulgar And Sweet: Baby Says ‘Flamingo.’ [Video]

A salty toddler and her proud parent.

Mascot Mr. Balls Raises Awareness Of Testicular Cancer And How Bad Ball Sacks Look.

How do you motivate men to get their nuts checked? Send a googly eye’d cartoon scrotum around.

Ingenious Way To Get Your $$$ Back: ‘Please Return This Bill To Me… I Am Very Poor.’

Phoenix retiree figures out the nicest way to take your money from you.

Mostly Harmless Drunks Fighting In Real-Time – Only Looks Slow Motion. [Video]

Highly unlikely that an Evite was used to organize this party.

Finally: A Russian Dashcam Compilation Video We Want To See. [Video]

Taking the insane Russian dashcam video craze to the positive end of the spectrum.

The Butter Shredder… Or Is It A Butter Grater?

Evenly adding an extreme amount of butter to your toast just got a lot easier.

Poor Sport: Water Polo Player Pushes Opponent Into The Pool During Post-Match Handshake. [Video]

Having to wear a Speedo is probably worse than getting pushed into a heated pool. Just sayin.