Archives for May 2013

Like A Boss: 94 Year Old Grandma Knows How To Drink Her Coffee.

It’s never too late to live like a boss.

MMA For Kids: Watch A Two Year Old Beat Up A Couch. [Video]

Not only is this kid making solid contact, he also makes the MMA sound effects.

No Internet For One Year: ‘Finding Paul Miller.’ [Video]

Most people struggle to be disconnected for one day. Paul Miller did it for one year.

Video of Turkmenistan’s President Falling Off His Horse Gets Blocked In Turkmenistan. [Video]

Like the foot race scene in the film ‘The Dictator’ only without the gun play.

Slow Motion Shaolin Warriors On Earth Unplugged. [Video]

Ow-lin? Watching Shaolin Monks perform feats of ‘everything’ in slo-mo.

May The 4th Be With You: ‘Star Wars Day Attack Ad: Say No to May the 4th.’ [Video]

This is a public service announcement… with Yodas and sh#t in it.

Another ‘Unexpected’ Reason To Always Help Others.

Goodness reciprocated.

Best Three Minutes Ever: AJ Francis Of Maryland Terrapins Gets Birthday Cake, Signs With Dolphins And Gets Engaged. [Video]

AJ Francis wins the day in under three minutes!