Archives for June 2013

Stump Lake Liquor & Fireworks – What Could Go Wrong?

Most common phrase used by customers of Stump Lake Liquor & Fireworks – ‘Watch this’

Product Recall: Buff Baby – It’s A Rattle, It’s A Dumbell (It’s A Choking Hazard)

Product Recall: With the Buff Baby Rattle, the CPSC stepped in when parents didn’t.

Solutions: Getting Tired Of Losing My Chameleon…

Mylar Balloon = 1. Camouflaging Chameleon = 0.

Homer Simpson’s Dream Car ‘The Homer’ Is Real!!!

D’oh! The Homer: the ‘car for the average man’ is participating in the 24 hours of LeMons from June 29-30th.

Veteran And Double Amputee Rep. Tammy Duckworth Shames Faux Disabled Veteran.

Exaggerate an injury to receive preferential status on government contracts and this is what you deserve.

Comedian Bill Burr’s Take On The Paula Deen Scandal: We Need ‘The Disgrace Channel.’ [Video]

Bill Burr proves you can talk about the Paula Deen scandal without being a ‘holier than thou’ dickhead.

Is This Ok? Leg-Humping Dog in Bobby Farelly’s Jeep Compass Dog Ad.

Should a dog leg-humping a dog trainer be considered smut? Watch the Jeep Compass commercial and find out what the Australian Adv Stds Bureau decided.

‘News Bloopers From June 2013.’ [Video]

‘News Bloopers From June 2013’ before June is over? Enjoy.