Portrait Of A UK Tagger: Father Of Two, Surveyor, Impeccable Dresser… Goes By VAMP.

Kristian Holmes: UK tagger VAMP.Either UK tagger Kristian Holmes really cleans up well or I have the wrong idea who just painted “SMELLZ” on the I-5 overpass. From the Daily Mail:

Kristian Holmes, Tagger

“To his colleagues Kristian Holmes was a respectable father of two, dedicated to his £60,000-a-year job as a surveyor. But the bespectacled office worker was living a double life as one of Britain’s most prolific graffiti vandals.

Yesterday he waved goodbye to his family as he was jailed for three-and-a-half years for a trail of destruction that even included a steam train run by volunteers. Holmes, 32, caused damage estimated at more than £250,000 and forced scores of trains out of service by defacing carriages. One of his most high-profile victims was the Bluebell Railway, the steam-powered heritage line in Sussex.

Over the next seven years his ‘VAMP’ tag was found across the rail network on engines, walls and bridges, and was even discovered in Ibiza.”

Read the full article. [DM via TWBE]

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