Man Chooses Three Months In Prison Over Two Years Of Without Alcohol.

Milo Manu Felix Wild - Natural Born Drunk.Milo Manu Felix Wild proves that you don’t need the booze to make bad decisions. After an incident on Anzac Day where Mr. Wild got loaded, knocked over four port-a-potties, exposed himself and threw urine at park rangers, he was given a choice of three months in prison or two-years without alcohol. In November 2012, Mr. Wild chose the two-year alcohol ban but it’s not taking and he’s changed his mind and now heading to jail. From NTNews:

“Milo Manu Felix Wild, 22, asked to be sent to jail because he was depressed that he had to stay at home rather than socialising with friends in pubs and clubs. Magistrate John O’Neill said it was ‘extraordinary’ that Wild thought his life ‘was not worth living without alcohol.'”

Mr. Wild reminds me a little of natural born drunk Ronnie Dobbs (Aussie edition). This isn’t going to end well. [Arbroath]

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