Is This Ok? Leg-Humping Dog in Bobby Farelly’s Jeep Compass Dog Ad.

Is having a leg-humping dog in a car commercial wrong? Is leg-humping necessary to pitch your product? Chrysler Australia thinks so and had Bobby Farelly (Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber) produce a commercial for the Jeep Compass. Here’s a little on the audiences’ reaction [from Arbroath]:

“One told the watchdog (Advertising Standards Bureau) the spot had nothing to do with the product being sold, that it was inappropriate for children and that it should be removed from air. The dog’s action was described as ‘unmentionable’ and ‘not right.’ ‘I cannot believe that in this day and age, a company such as Jeep would think that something this crass would appeal to would be purchasers. This smut has no place for TV, it is disgusting and has nothing to do with the advertisement.’ Another said: “Not appropriate for adults to see let alone my four-year-old grandchildren, as it was during kids TV time.”

The Advertising Standards Bureau of Australia sided with Chrysler on the grounds that leg humping is normal dog behavior. What do you think? [Arbroath]

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