Archives for July 2013

Seeing This Crowded Chinese Swimming Pool Will Make Your Head Spin [Video]

Saying this insanely crowded Chinese swimming pool is for ‘swimming’ is a stretch. Calling it a ‘floating mass’ pool is probably more accurate.

For Boob Fans, This Is The Worst Product Ever.

Sometimes, a great post and caption on imgur can be trumped by a funny comment. Comment wins here.

Social Experiment – Guy Asking Girls For Sex VS Girl Asking Guys For Sex [Video]

If somebody walked up to you on the street and asked you if you wanted to have sex – what would you say? Find out how each sex reacts to this question.

Babysitter Strikes Back : If The Kids Act Up, He’ll Give Them An Old-Man Haircut.

I hope this is true.

Stuff Of Nightmares : The Deliverance Dancing With A Raccoon Set To Chain Of Fools.

I blame all the dancing and singing reality shows for this one.

Siri + Teddy Bear = SuperToy Teddy

The creators of SuperToy Teddy want it to be the world’s first natural talking teddy bear.

A Foot Fetisher’s Nightmare

Ebay customer with obvious foot fetish gets ‘tube’ sock-blocked by seller’s husband while wife is out of town.

Crazy Video Of A Puppy Throwing Up A Rubber Toy Shark

This puppy is lucky. He ‘gets to’ throw up a toy shark. Would’ve been a horror movie if it came out the other end.