Siri + Teddy Bear = SuperToy Teddy

SuperToy Teddy is an teddy bear you can talk to and it will talk back by drawing information from the internet. The talking bear toy is on Kickstarter and more than halfway to its funding goal. Here’s more on SuperToy Teddy [Kickstarter]:

“Unlike most other robots, our toy isn’t controlled by a human user. For a robot to hold a realistic conversation, it has be aware and autonomous. That’s why our software mimics human emotion and speech generation.

Supertoy TeddyNo remote control required – Supertoy uses artificial intelligence. A smartphone acts as its BRAWN and the internet server as its BRAIN. This allows our software to react to what you say – and to further recreate human like speech, Supertoy’s robotic mouth moves in synchronization to what it says and inbuilt speakers enhance the volume of its voice.

In the future we’ll be adding more robotic movement to make Supertoy even more life-like, so you’ll see him not just talking, but also seeing and showing body movement.”

SuperToy Teddy seems like a good idea and I’m sure kids will love this toy. Hopefully the questions our kids will ask SuperToy Teddy will be as benign as the ones in the Kickstarter video but I’m sure getting him to swear like the teddy bear in “Ted” will not be far off.

The promise of more body movement in future SuperToy Teddy’s did remind me of an earlier super-toy that appeared in the film AI. Sadly, this seems closer to how most kids are going to play with an AI robotic teddy bear. [TechCrunch]

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