Archives for August 2013

World’s Largest Lunchbox Museum [Video]

The world’s largest lunchbox museum, the Lunchbox Museum, is awesomely old-school in every way.

Boss Lesson #1: They Are Not Your Employees. They Are Your Co-Workers.

If Amy’s Baking Company expanded into clothing, it would go something like this.

A Big Dick Shirt: MILF Hunter 69.

Why is MILF Hunter 69 a big dick shirt? Because you have to have a big d to wear this shirt.

Grandpa’s Juicing – 80-Year Old Weightlifter Busted For Doping.

An 80-year old participant in the PanAm Masters Weightlifting Championships tested positive for steroids. Fucks given? At this point, probably none left.

Train Ride From London To Brighton Filmed 30 Years Apart (1953, 1983, 2013) [Video]

Cool point-of-view video of a train ride from London to Brighton set to music from The Chemical Brothers.

Cat Adoption Commercial Tells Why You Should / Shouldn’t Adopt A Cat. [Video]

Got hairballs? Adopt a cat. Not doing anything on Saturday night? Adopt a cat. Miss the smell of stinky poop? Adopt a cat!

Turkish Soccer Player Gets Heckled To Tears. Leaves The Match. [Video]

Why American football is better than the original football, soccer: first it’s all the flopping and now add to the list, it’s the crying.

Two Titans Of The Internet Finally Meet: Lil Bub And Grumpy Cat.

The meeting, for ego reasons, they said couldn’t happen… happened! Lil Bub and Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) meet and it’s magical.