My Sons Are So Getting The ‘Born To Wear Diamonds’ And ‘Best Subject – Shopping, Not Math’ T-Shirts.

My Best Subjects: Shopping, Music, Dancing...Not Math. Born to wear diamonds.

What does a company have to do to get kicked in the marketing nuts? Produce a couple t-shirts for girls that pushes the message that they’re not into math and that they were born to wear diamonds. I’ve never heard of The Children’s Place until today but they’re taking a beating for their girl’s t-shirt designs according to the Consumerist:

“We understand that there are plenty of demands on a little girl’s time, and that she can’t possibly be expected to excel at every subject in the school of life. But hey, according to The Children’s Place (henceforth to be referred to as TCP), it’s okay because her best subjects of Shopping, Music and Dancing are all covered. As for math? Nobody’s perfect, so do’t worry about checking off that subject.

We’ve seen these kinds of messages in the past, and it appears that TCP hasn’t learned the lesson other retailers have that marketing clothing to girls with the message that ‘math is hard’ is a questionable move. Especially when compared to the messages communicated by TCP about boys activities: The boys are surfing, playing the drums, being an athlete and a rebel, while the girls are ‘all about glitter’ and ‘born to wear diamonds.'”

I went through The Children’s Place website and most of their shirts for girls have the ‘Girls Rock’ message or peace signs etc and were not offensive. Easy way to handle this: don’t buy the offending shirts. [Consumerist and Jezebel]

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