Colbert Gets To The Bottom Of Flo-Rida’s Early AM Appearance On Today Show [Video]

Flo Rida on Today show wearing big Jesus necklace.

Sorry but this is why we don’t blindly turn on The Today Show in the morning and thank you Stephen Colbert for pointing it out. From Uproxx:

“…American hero Stephen Colbert decided to dip his toes into the hip hop waters by providing play-by-play to the ‘jack-hammering badonkadunk’ Flo Rida performance that Today aired at 8:47AM yesterday morning. You know, because network metrics suggest 90% of households prefer to get their twerk on over cereal.”

Flo Rida, a little rump shaking and the tired ‘owe it to Jesus’ message shouldn’t be part of any breakfast. My guess: Jesus and his dad are building a list of all the ‘still-living’ people that said/did stupid shit in his name and they’re going to collect on it. It’s got to be a half-billion strong by now. [Uproxx]

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