Shitten Mittens: Don’t Get Caught Brown-Handed, Just Put On A Shitten. [Video]

Shittens Mittens - Poop Gloves

Have any doubts about Shittens? Then you need to check out the glowing testimonials, from actual celebrities, about the effectiveness of shittens.

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“If there’s one great universal truth that we can all agree on, it’s this: No one wants poop on their hands.

And yet, we laugh carelessly in the face of danger every time we take an old fashioned wet wipe to our heinies, flying completely blind in the critical poop-to-hand spatial relation.

How many times have you taken one of those substandard wet wipes to the posterior of a child, risking major contamination from that flailing poop cloth? And how many times has your dog’s ‘number two’ been a little closer to a number one ‘and a half,’ requiring a deadly grab & pull maneuver with whatever’s laying around? Enough is enough!

With new Shittens, you can fully protect your hands while tending to the dirty deed.”

The folks at Shittens make a compelling argument about the need for their product. Now if they can get Terrence Howard to endorse shittens, I’ll be a new customer. [Laughing Squid]

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