Groupon Rep Threatens Restaurant w/ Yelp. Gets His Nuts Kicked On Facebook.

Groupon Yelps after getting Sauce'd via Facebook.

The three main companies involved in this story read like a bad Jeopardy category:

Answer: Name Three Companies That Don’t Need To Exist.
Question: What is Groupon, Yelp and Facebook.

A Groupon sales manager just had his ass handed to him by a restaurant owner who turned the tables on the failing deal-of-the-day coupon site. Here’s our dumb version of what happened:

  • One of the owners of Sauce, a restaurant in San Francisco, hangs up on a Groupon sales manager.
  • Groupon Sales Manager is pissed and shoots off an email threatening to sic his friends on Sauce via Yelp.
  • Sauce owner responds by telling the Groupon manager he needs thicker skin and to remove his restaurant from call list.
  • Sauce owner shames Groupon Sales Manager’s by posting his threatening email on Facebook.
  • Groupon suspends their Sales Manager. Sauce gets some good publicity.

Follow this link to read the complete Groupon vs Sauce story. [TDD]

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