The Scariest First Pitch Happened At A Japanese Baseball Game. [Video]

First it’s the rhythmic gymnast throwing out the first pitch at a Korean baseball game and now this. From Mashable:

“The video, recorded at a recent Japanese pro league game, features an actress playing Sadako, the mystical, diabolical antagonist of Japan’s hit horror flick franchise The Ring. The stunt is a promotion for the upcoming Japanese release of the franchise’s latest installment, Sadako 3D 2.

When Sadako, sporting her trademark veil of long black hair, takes the field, three miniature doppelgängers cast a spell on her. She winds up and throws a surprisingly swift pitch right down the pike — the toss reportedly registered at 68 mph on the radar gun.”

When she’s not throwing a 68 mph fastball first pitch, here’s Sadako killing people and stuff.


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