Turkish Soccer Player Gets Heckled To Tears. Leaves The Match. [Video]

One of the nice things about American football is that players can add a tinted face shield to their helmets and hide the tearful moments they experience on the playing field. Not with the original football, soccer. When soccer players cry, everyone can see their tears and Trabzonspor midfielder Volkan Sen had himself a teary moment the other night. From Deadspin:

“A Super Lig game between Trabzonspor and Çaykur Rizespor was hit with a big dose of the sads when Trabzonspor midfielder Volkan Sen broke down into tears after being heckled by a group of fans.

It’s not clear what the fans were saying to Sen, but their words were enough to prevent him from completing the game. After waving off the consolations of both his teammates and opponents, Sen left the pitch and was replaced by another player.”


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