Archives for September 2013

Retired Military Dog Gets A Kitten. Reminds Me Of ‘Feed The Kitty’ Cartoon. [Video]

Watch the military dog reenact scenes from the 1952 ‘Feed The Kitty’ cartoon with his new kitten in our ‘Big Dogs with Kittens’ double feature.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome: ‘My Leg Is Vibrating Even Though I Don’t Have A Cellphone In My Pocket’ Is A Thing.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome is a thing and not just in our heads.

‘The Mega Plush’ Is About Good VS Evil… Plush Bear VS Sock Monkey. [Video]

Kids must make the tough decision and decide if they’re Team Plush Bears or Team Sock Monkey. The Mega Plush: NSFKU10 (Not Safe For Kids Under 10)

Fan’s Taped Message To The Beatles Arrives 50 Years Late. Paul Replies.

In 1963, Barbara Bezant and Lyn Phillips recorded a taped message for their favorite band The Beatles. It took 50 years to arrive but it was well received.

Sad WSU Cougar Football Fan Drowns Sorrows With Bag Of Popcorn. [Video]

Since no alcohol is sold at college sporting events, college football fans have not choice but to abuse something. In this case, it was popcorn.

‘Red Hot Nickel Ball’ Videos: Burn, Melt, Boil. [Video]

I finally watched the Red Hot Nickel Ball videos and a red hot nickel ball will burn, melt or boil everything. In popcorn? No popping; just more burning.

Evelyn Screams And Screams Again In ‘Scaring Evelyn’ [Video]

Another filmmaker loses his day job for his craft. ‘Scaring Evelyn’ stars Evelyn who screams while you laugh.

Drunky Makes A Contorted Walk Home After A Night Of Boozing. [Video]

He’s drunk level Cirque du Soleil.