Matthew Cordle’s ‘I Killed A Man’ Video Confession Is A Promo For Charity ‘Because I Said I Would.’

Very intense video from the non-profit “because I said I would” that hopes to better ‘humanity through the power of a promise.’ Here’s more information about Matthew Cordle’s video confession from Betabeat:

“On June 21st, 2013, 22-year-old Matthew Cordle was out ‘drinking very heavily’ with friends when he decided to get behind the wheel. He blacked out while driving on the highway and crossed into the opposite lane, colliding with another car head on. The accident killed a 61-year-old veteran and photographer named Vincent Canzani, and Mr. Cordle didn’t take responsibility for his death–until now.

The video is powerful and serious testament to the dangers of drinking and driving and the importance of taking responsibility for poor choices, but it’s also something else: it’s a promotional video for a new not for profit startup called Because I Said I Would.”

because I said I would t-shirtsWait a second… a confession of vehicular manslaughter is a promotional video for ‘because I said I would’? That’s pretty twisted.

Personally, I think this whole episode is unfortunate. A man was killed, another man will probably go to prison and a new startup non-profit is going to capitalize on it all. I’m sure the ‘because I said I would’ promise keeping campaign will lead to some good but it’s difficult to NOT be a little skeptical – especially when they start out by going so big. Remember Kony 2012? [Betabeat]

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