Woman Trades $ 2000 Louis Vuitton Bag To Move Up In Line For iPhone 5S.

Woman Trades $ 2000 Louis Vuitton Bag To Move Up In Line For iPhone 5S.

With the contents of her Louis Vuitton bag in hand, Lisa Hoffman heads into the Charleston Apple Store to purchase the iPhone 5S.

What would you trade to move up in line for a new iPhone 5S? Lisa Hoffman of Myrtle Beach South Carolina parted with her $2000 Louis Vuitton bag in order to jump ahead when she heard the new iPhone 5S was in short supply. From WCSC:

“Hoffman got a heads-up from one of the Apple store managers that supplies were limited. When she heard that the New Jersey native went into bargaining mode with two girls in front of her.

‘They decided they were going to do a swap with me,’ said Hoffman. ‘They liked my Louis Vuitton bag so they would give me their spot so I was guaranteed hopefully one in place of Louis Vuitton bag.’ Hoffman says the bag cost her $2,000 and was more than a fair trade to get into the Top 3 of the line.

When she stepped up to get her phone she started crying. ‘It’s the best feeling ever!’ said Hoffman aloud. ‘Thank you Steve Jobs… You’re looking down at us!'”

It’s her decision and her money and she sure seems happy about the deal. She’s probably right about Steve Jobs looking down at us too. [WCSC via CNET]

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