Archives for September 2013

Trophy FAIL: ‘The sailing club in our town needs to rethink their trophies.’

Just to reiterate – the trophies were for sailing.

Fox NFL Sunday And Erin Andrews Get Videobombed. [Video]

When videobombing finally makes it into The Oxford Dictionary, these two guys who videobombed Erin Andrews deserve a mention.

Geniuses: Company Creates Truck Tailgate Decal Of Bound And Tied Woman.

The Dumbass of the Day award goes to Hornet Signs of Waco Texas. Their ‘bound and tied’ woman decal is one part cry for attention and nine parts stupid.

Praying Mantis Attacks People. People Had It Coming. [Video]

Video of people pushing a praying mantis’ buttons. I don’t think they know the praying mantis can fly.

Matthew Cordle’s ‘I Killed A Man’ Video Confession Is A Promo For Charity ‘Because I Said I Would.’

Watch the confession video that is actually a promo for a new non-profit ‘because I said I would.’ WTF – vehicular manslaughter to promote a charity?

Twerking Is Hazardous – Twerker Breaks Table And Catches On Fire. [Video]

Watch the video of a twerking accident where the twerker catches on fire after her twerk performance. Look staged?

First Official RoboCop Trailer. [Video]

Looks like the RoboCop remake will have an updated story and involve family. Gunplay and explosions seem about the same.

Denver Broncos Danny Trevathan Intercepts Flacco Pass. Celebrates Touchdown Too Early And Fumbles The Ball Before Crossing The Plane.

We can laugh at Danny Trevathan’s bonehead play because we’ve been there… NEVER!