Archives for September 2013

Twerk For Work: Currys Electronics Makes Job Candidates Dance For Crappy Jobs. [Video]

I have some advice for Currys: if Miley Cyrus is excited about a step in your interview process, you are doing something wrong. No Twerk For Work.

Picking A Guinness Draught Over A Rockstar Energy Drink.

This doesn’t happen on accident. Now, whose can came first: Guinness Draught or Rockstar Energy Drink?

Diamondbacks Fan Misses Baseball Tossed Into Stands. Giants Fan Saves The Day. [Video]

Watch the video of a SF Giants fan giving away his souvenir silver-baseball to the crying, foul-ball missing, D-backs fan.

Not Sure About 1975 Film ‘The ABC Of Sex Education For Trainables’ [Video]

At the time, ‘Sex Education for Trainables’ was groundbreaking and still stands the test of time. Why did they hire a narrator named Richard Dix?

A Crazy ‘Lying On Back Sliding Under Chairs’ Cat Good Morning To You. [Video]

Crossfit for cats.

John Attanasio – It’s The Internet And It’ll F’ You Up If You’re A Dick To People. [Video]

John Attanasio is on video talking about his brand new Camaro and that he’s only 16. He will regret everything else he has to say.

Neutron Cream Prank From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness Set’ [Video]

Pranking people on the street is easy. Pranking co-stars on a blockbuster movie set takes effort. Thank you Simon Pegg.

How To Meet Girls : Speak Nonsense French. [Video]

When everyone else was learning French, I took up Afrikaans – the world’s least romantic language.