Archives for October 2013

Pete Holmes Interviews James Harden – Alley Whoops To Margarine Dick. [Video]

Watch Pete Holmes awesomely and awkwardly interview NBA basketball player James Harden like a fearless 13-year old. Funny!

Daily Show: Turns Out, Mississippi And Alabama Might Be The Gayest States. [Video]

The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal visits Alabama and Mississippi to see which state would be LAST to legalize gay marriage. He is gayly surprised.

Warm Hot Dog Prank: Johnny Knoxville’s Dad Was Jackass’ing Teenage Johnny Knoxville. [Video]

The prank Johnny Knoxville’s dad played on him when he was a kid might have a lot to do with everything Johnny Knoxville has done since.

Dropped Wallet Prank : A ‘Split The Money And Run’ Social Experiment. [Video]

A person drops their wallet and a stranger picks it up and asks you if you want to split the money – what would you do?

North Dakota Woman Is Giving A Letter To Obese Trick-Or-Treaters. Not Candy. [Video]

Overheard at this house on Halloween: ‘Hulk and kid in the Fat Bastard costume, how much of that costume is you?’

New X-Men Trailer Looks Great. ‘Adagio In D Minor’ Is Why It Sounds Great. [Video]

Thank you X-men for using ‘Adagio In D Minor’ in your movie trailer for ‘X-Men Days Of Future Past.’ Now we can show a Kick-Ass clip using the same song.

Find Out How 32 Superstitions Came About – 32 Superstition Origins. [Video]

Don’t walk under a ladder and 31 other superstitions.

I Haven’t Seen A Happier, Leash-Pulled Bicycle-Riding Raccoon In My Life! [Video]

The RSPCA thinks having a bicycle-riding raccoon at a pet expo is offensive. Leave it to the animal welfare people to ruin all of our nature defying fun.