I Haven’t Seen A Happier, Leash-Pulled Bicycle-Riding Raccoon In My Life! [Video]

Melanie the Bicycle Riding Raccoon

Leave it to the animal welfare people to ruin all of our nature defying fun. Arbroath posted “RSPCA outraged after raccoon rode bicycle at shopping centre Pet Expo event” about Melanie, the bicycle-riding raccoon, making a not so well received appearance at the Bluewater Shopping Center hosted Pet Expo. From Arbroath:

“The RSPCA has condemned a stunt involving a raccoon riding a bicycle at an event at Bluewater Shopping Centre near Dartford, Kent. The centre hosted the three-day Pet Expo, where animal lovers could learn how best to care for their pets and discover new breeds, from Friday. American animal trainer Kimberly Unger had taken Melanie the raccoon to the shopping centre over the weekend and the pair performed tricks in front of hundreds of people.

But seeing the animal on the back of a bicycle with stabilisers was unacceptable for many people – who claimed the raccoon was being ‘abused’ and ‘degraded.’ Some went as far as to say that Bluewater ought to be boycotted completely for hosting the event. Now the RSPCA has criticised the event for ‘portraying wild animals in such a demeaning light.’

Only seeing the image above, I wanted to watch a video of Melanie the bicycle-riding raccoon in action to form my own opinion:

Ok, this is nuts. [Arbroath]

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