Archives for November 2013

Barney The Dinosaur Float Popping At 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. [Video]

Maybe we should say Barney The Dinosaur went EXTINCT instead of ‘Barney The Dinosaur Float Popping At 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’

Microsoft’s Scroogled Ad Goes After Chromebook With Cast Of Pawn Stars. [Video]

The geniuses behind Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign wants the Pawn Stars to talk people, who never watch the show, out of buying a Chromebook. Nice work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy and festive Thanksgiving. [imgur]

FYI – The ‘I Slipped On A Banana Peel And Got Hurt’ Doesn’t Work… Never Did. [Video]

Sometimes, in pursuit of an easy payday, you decide to go so old school with your fraud that nobody buys it. Slipped on a banana peel guy – that’s you.

Some Dumbass Vandal Tagged The Space Shuttle Replica In Houston. [Video]

An FBI Profilier can only use half of their brain to step into the mind of this vandal. (Auto-play video at the jump)

Seven Minute Video Of People Being Awful At Black Friday Sales. [Video]

Customer’s aren’t the main problem – the stores need to rethink the whole Black Friday sale thing. Put it online instead?

Video Of An Exploding Sperm Whale. [Video]

Crazy video of an exploding sperm whale in regular speed and slo-mo. You can almost smell the rotten sperm whale when it explodes in slow motion.

Finger Cleaner – Doritos ‘Crash The Superbowl’ [Video]

Hilarious commercial made for Doritos’ ‘Crash The Superbowl’ video contest, Finger Cleaner will get people talking but probably not buying.