Burglary Suspect Posts ‘Catch Me If U Can Muthasuckas’ On Facebook…

Rosenberg police catch him 15 minutes later. From HuffPo:

“Rosenberg, Texas police say Damian and Rolando Lozano allegedly burglarized 17 cars in one community on Sunday.

Officers apprehended Damian Lozano, but Rolando remained at large, so they posted his picture to their Facebook page in an appeal for public help.

Rolando Lozano’s response:

Catch me if you can muthasuckas.

As one might have guessed from other cases of suspects that have taken to Facebook to comment on their own wanted photos, Lozano was promptly caught.

How promptly? According to comments left by department, the response may have been as quick as 5 minutes.

Rosenberg Police Dept. catches Rolando Lozano

The Rosenberg Police followed up with a post that said tips from the community traced Lozano to a relative’s house where he was hiding out. He was apprehended not 15 minutes after making his comment on the police department’s Facebook page.”

Rolando Lozano captured by Rosenberg Police after posting on Facebook.

How embarrassing. Mr. Lozano’s bumbling effort and quick capture reminds me of a funny Little Caesars commercial. [HuffPo]

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