Man Banned From Using Felt Tip Pens, May Be Banned From Posting Signs.

David Jell's questionable mail carrier sign.

David Jell of Hawkhurst, Kent, is running out of ways to legally post signs. In 2009, he was banned from carrying felt tip pens and now, his banning may extend to posting signage after Mr. Jell pinned an offensive sign for the mail carrier to his front door. From Arbroath:

“[The sign] read: ‘Mr Postman, if I am away from Pikeyville. Any parcels or signed for delivery please leave at No 4 only or return to sorting office for collection, many thanks. Beware of pikeys.’ Jell was charged with racially-aggravated harassment by writing and the use of threatening words to cause harassment, alarm or distress, and pleaded not guilty.

On Wednesday last week, Sevenoaks Magistrates Court heard the main issue surrounding the case was the word ‘pikey’ and how it is currently defined. Prosecuting, Edward Parton, said the note “demonstrated hostility to a racial group”. He said: ‘They (neighbours) have said this is derogatory to the people of Hawkhurst.’

But Matthew Nickolls, defending, said: ‘The defendant admits being the author of the note but disputes the definition of the word pikey. He believes the word’s meaning has been misconstrued.'”

Unfortunately for Mr. Jell, we’ve all seen the movie Snatch. Nice try. [Arbroath]

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