Archives for December 2013

A Steelers Fan And His Premature Playoff Celebration. [Video]

Watch one diehard Steelers fan don the old-school leather helmet and talk his team into the playoffs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t play out the way he wanted.

Japanese TV’s Collapsing Floor Elevator Prank. [Video]

Scaring the crap out of your prank victim isn’t enough when it comes to Japanese prank videos. Humiliation is still required.

DIY Home Theater Out Of A Box – Literally.

Build your home personal home theater out of a box.

KUTV Reporter Passes Out During Live Broadcast. [Video]

Watch reporter Brooke Graham pass out and then rally to complete her live news story. Personally, I would’ve kept my eyes closed and milked a nap.

Thanks Safeway: Fake Movie Trailer About Safeway Really Closing Dominick’s Stores. [Video]

‘Former’ Dominick’s employee Steve Yamamoto goes out with a bang by making a video of his store being attacked by aliens and creatures from EnSlaveway.

Video Of A Cat ‘Not Sharing’ Three Bowls Of Cat Food. [Video]

Watching this video of a cat Bogarting three bowls of cat food reminds me of how my brother would do the same thing by scratching his head on my food.

Shit You Shouldn’t Post About Your Kids On Facebook: Ben’s Poo Marble.

Obviously the parents who posted ‘Ben’s Poo Marble’ on Facebook thought this through first and figured it was a public service to post a poo marble story.

Picture Of Vladimir Putin Meeting Ronald Reagan In 1988. [Photo]

Vladimir Putin may have met Ronald Reagan in 1988 posing as a tourist. Check out the picture and decide for yourself.