Italian Protester Kisses Riot Police Officer’s Helmet And Is Charged With Sexual Assault.

Woman kisses riot police officer's helmet.

The amazing picture of a protester kissing the shield on a riot police officer’s helmet may become evidence in her sexual assault trial. From RT News:

“An Italian student protester may end up in court after a photograph of her kissing a riot police officer started making the rounds and became hailed as a symbol of peaceful protest. She may now face sexual assault charges.

The incident happened in November during a demonstration against the construction of a rail link in the north of Italy.

Nina de Chiffre, a 20-year-old protester, had used the opportune moment to first kiss, then lick a police officer’s helmet visor. The moment was caught on camera, and the photo ended up going viral. It was hailed as an example of sending a message of love and peace and non-violent protest.

But the situation quickly went south for de Chiffre, after the Italian police union – COISP – ruled that the act was in fact sexual assault, and filed a complaint with a court in Turin, Italy’s La Repubblica reported this week.

‘We have accused the protester of sexual violence and insulting a public official,’ said Franco Maccari, COISP’s general secretary, adding that the union ‘fully [expects] an investigation to start.’

Seeing the matter in a positive light is not on the cards, apparently, because ‘if the policeman had kissed her, world war three would have broken out,’ Maccari continued. ‘Or what if I had patted her on the behind? She would have been outraged. So if she does that to a man on duty, should it be tolerated?'”

Maybe GS Maccari is right about the double standard here but judging by the look on the kissed riot police officer’s face, I think he might’ve fired his weapon. Embarrassed, he’s probably hoping this just all goes away. [Boing Boing]

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