Thanks Safeway: Fake Movie Trailer About Safeway Really Closing Dominick’s Stores. [Video]

Before his Dominick’s grocery store was closed by parent company Safeway, Steve Yamamoto decided to make a comical video about the fate of his store and of his co-workers. The video “Thanks Safeway” shows aliens and creatures from EnSlaveway attacking Mr. Yamamoto’s Dominick’s store. As it turns out, the humorous video wasn’t well received by his managers [CBS]:

“The creative effort was not without a price. On Saturday, his manager told him he was suspended. True, the store was closing, anyway, but the move could prevent Yamamoto from getting about three weeks’ severance pay, he says. He says nobody else was disciplined and he takes responsibility for the video.”

On the bright side, his “Thanks Safeway” video has over 100,000 hits and bigger bonus: he no longer works for EnSlaveway. [io9]

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