Archives for January 2014

Ohio Man Buried On His Harley. [Video]

Billy Standley of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, loved his 1967 Harley-Davidson motorcycle so much that he wanted to be buried on it. He was buried with his hog.

CONAN Should NOT Have Pawned The Bobble-Arm Masturbating Bear. [Video]

Conan pawns some really cool stuff he’s amassed on his show. Signed murder confession, world’s tallest dachshund, and a massive CONAN bobble-head.

6-Year Old Bruno Mars Interview In 1992. [Video]

Elvis impersonator Bruno Mars interviews with KOMO TV’s Steve Pool to talk about his future in show business and about being a 6-year old.

It’s Important To Know That Korea’s ‘Watch Me Eat’ Craze Is About South Korea – Not North Korea. [Video]

Guess which Korea: Watch Me Go Hungry? Drunk Dennis Rodman? Paying to watch other people eat? (Answer: N N S)

Guy With 30″ Rims Is The Coolest Guy In Atlanta 364 Days A Year BUT… [Video]

when it snows, guy slipping on ice in a car with 30″ rims in Atlanta is very easy to pick out.

Seahawk Derrick Coleman Surprises Hearing Impaired Twins w/ Super Bowl Tickets. [Video]

Sweet story about Seahawk Derrick Coleman, who is legally deaf, meeting two of his biggest fans who just happen to be hearing impaired.

‘Things Would Get Better’ – Man Reunites With Stranger Who Saved Him. [Video]

Really good story about a man wanting to commit suicide, finding the person who talked him out of it. Six years later, a campaign is started to find ‘Mike’.

Matt Groening Telling Sister Maggie A ‘Go Back To Sleep’ Bedtime Story. [Video]

Watch a young Matt Groening sharing ‘The Story’ with his younger sisters Lisa and Maggie in 1969. Homer Groening is behind the camera.