Captured On Dog-Cam Video: Norwegian Elkhound Attacked By A Wolf. [Video]

Dog attacked by wolf on a hunting trip. 1

Dog attacked by wolf on a hunting trip. 2

Dog attacked by wolf on a hunting trip. 3

Halvor Sveen’s dog Igor, a Norwegian elkhound, is lucky to be alive. While in the woods just north of Lillehammer Norway, Igor, with a camera strapped to his back, captured footage of a wolf attacking him as he ran ahead of Mr. Sveen’s hunting group. From Arbroath:

“Mr. Sveen only realised about the footage he had caught when he got home and connected the camera to his computer, as he had been some 150m away when the wolf rounded on his dog.

The camera, strapped on in a metal box, may have saved the dog’s life, as it took the brunt of the wolf’s bite.”

Watch the video below to see the attack in action. [Arbroath]

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