THWAITES Brewery Sign Changed To ‘TWATS’ After Announcing Layoffs.

TWAITES Brewery sign changed to TWATS after announcing layoffs.

I have a good feeling that somebody at Thwaites Brewery couldn’t wait to be let go so they could drop some letters. From Arbroath:

“The letters H, I and E on the sign at Thwaites Brewery atop the Blackburn building fell into darkness as people left town centre shops and offices on Friday night. It happened after news this week that the brewery is to axe up to 60 jobs with plans to close the majority of its Blackburn site.

The first sightings were made at around 4.40pm. Within 15 minutes the entire sign was blacked out. However by 5.30pm the lights were restored to normal working order. A spokesman for Thwaites said that on being alerted the brewery turned the lights off and launched an investigation into what had happened.”

Damn! We really missed a golden opportunity when Countrywide Mortgage went belly up. [Arbroath]

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