Archives for February 2014

George Lopez’s Response For Passing Out On A Casino Floor Is Awesome.

The photo of George Lopez sleeping it off on the floor of the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino made the rounds today. Mr. Lopez’s response should to.

Welcome To Hell – Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire In Morwell Australia.

A poster on imgur compared photos of the coal fire at Hazelwood Mine to the scorched Mordor from Lord of the Rings.

You’ll Feel Like You’re Visiting Japan Watching ‘January In Japan’ By Scott Gold. [Video]

Scott Gold’s short film ‘January in Japan’ is perfect at capturing Japan. It’s like the IKEA of tourism videos because it doesn’t need to be translated.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder Is Real And It’s Spectacular!

Thank you Archie McPhee for coming up with a way to ‘Horse Head’ feed the squirrels (their benefit) while allowing me to laugh at them (my benefit).

John C. Reilly’s Great Corn Pop Robbery. [Video]

Great story from John C. Reilly about the time him and friends stole 500 boxes of Corn Pops from a train car.

NOW Cross-Eyed Pelican Flying Around Africa With GoPro Camera On Beak. [Video]

Another great GoPro camera ad that this time, features a pelican rescued from a lake in Tanzania and rehabbed to fly again…. in circles.

Guy Jumps Off A Cruise Ship. Isn’t Australian. [Video]

Jumping off a cruise ship while it’s docking is a bad thing. Escaping a ‘Norovirus’ outbreak can not be used as an excuse either.

Jeff Gordon Pranks Jalopnik Writer Who Doubted Pepsi Max Test Drive. [Video]

Watch Jeff Gordon get back at the Jalopnik witer who doubted his first Test Drive video for Pepsi MAX. It’s a pants shitting moment for Travis Okulski.