Attacked For Wearing Google Glass. [Video]

Glasshole or not Glasshole? Is it Glasshole’ish to walk into a bar and Google Glass film the other customers? Sarah Slocum thinks it OK to Google Glass everywhere she goes but she just met some bar patrons who don’t want to be in her video log. From Uproxx:

The cyperpunks are at war with the fake-punks today, after San Francisco-based social media and business consultant Sarah Slocum had her Google Glass ripped off her face last night at Molotov’s, a “Lower Haight punk bar.” Who did it? The haters.

Ms. Slocum: “I lived on Page Street when I was younger and went to first grade there and have grown up in the Bay Area my whole life. And what makes this story special is that no one has experienced a hate crime or been targeted for a hate crime, which is what it was, for wearing Google Glass.”

A Google Glass hate crime?

Sarah Slocum, Google GlassMy take: I don’t think you ever go into a bar called Molotov’s wearing a head-mounted video camera. And if you do, and the idea of being filmed bothers some patrons, take the Google Glass off; it’s about respecting other people’s privacy and not being a Glasshole.

Once again, we have a whole crazy, dumbass story that stinks like another internet attention grab and what makes it worse is that I swore off dumbass yesterday. No more dumbass starting right NOW!

Read the rest of the story and get the update on —-> [Uproxx]

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