Archives for March 2014

Bibo – Sweet And Sad Film About An Ice-Cream Robot Outliving Its Human. [Video]

This is what happens when an ice cream serving robot, built to last 10,000 years, outlives the humans he’s built to serve. Great short film.

Sports Anchor Reenacts Florida-Dayton Basketball Game. [Video]

WCJB’s sports anchor follows the NCAA rules on showing game highlights by reenacting the pivotal plays. Reenactment 62, Actual Game 52.

Hug And A Beer Hockey Fight Ends Like An AXE Commercial. [Video]

Got psyched to watch a hockey fight and an AXE commercial broke out.

Louis CK’s SNL Monologue Covers Kid’s Plays, God And Wife Beaters. [Video]

Watch Louis CK’s SNL monologue and try to figure out who’s going to be offended. Parents? Kids? Christians? All of the above?

Bye Car Wash – Little Girl Freaks Out In A Car Wash. [Video]

For a little kid, going through the car wash can be scary. It’s like sending a coulrophobic person to a clown convention.

Confrontation From Les Miserables Performed By Harris And Segel. [Video]

Inside the Actors Studio took a surprising turn when How I Met Your Mother met Les Miserables and performed ‘Confrontation’

‘Japan Next’ – Godzilla and Friends Plotting

A peak inside the monster’s boardroom shows Godzilla leading a meeting on the first target.

It’s Duncan! Slo-Mo Video Of Two Legged Boxer Running On The Beach. [Video]

Two-legged boxer Duncan does more on two legs than I can do on two legs. Watch him frolic on the beach with his four-legged pals.