French Tips For Visiting America.

French tips for traveling to AmericaMental Floss posted “11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America” which lists translated travel tips for French travelers written by French travelers.

Here’s a sample of the travel tips offered:

4. You Can Not Abandon Ugly Children. In Fact You Must Praise Them.
Rejoicing in the presence of children or pets. This is the correlate of “smile to strangers,” it is mandatory to have a smile or a little “how cute” tilt to your head if you come across a child or pet. Even if they are ugly.” [Source]

Be nice to ugly kids – check!

The remaining travel tips are great but one tip needs a little help. Tip #10 is about the lack of privacy in America’s public restrooms:

10. They All Go to the Bathroom Together in the Same Room. No Walls or Nothing.
If you want privacy (in a public restroom), no chance. There are no real walls, only partitions that do not even go to the ground. So you can see the shoes of your colleagues, hear all the noises … And even the doors do not help much. You can see the faces of the occupants through the slits in the doorway. [Source]

Fortunately, tip #10 can be easily fixed by encouraging French travelers to do one more thing when they’re in an American bathroom stall: Wide Stance.

Bounce over to Mental Floss to check out the rest of the French travel tips –> [MF]

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