Butt Crack The Gathering Or Magic The Butt Crack?

Red Magic the Buttcrack

Taking pictures of butt cracks at a Magic the Gathering event is a little bit jerkstore and a little bit funny. OB1FBM posted a whole mess of exposed butt crack photos from the Magic event on reddit and posed with the same critical look in each one – like a true butt crack connoisseur.

Magic the Buttcrack

Pea green Magic the Buttcrack

Blue Magic the Buttcrack

Grey Magic the Buttcrack

Black Magic the Buttcrack

Green Magic the Buttcrack

I was a little conflicted about posting these pictures but they’re anonymous butt cracks – photographed by a guy who I’m sure has shared his butt crack with the public on more than one occasion. I’m even thinking of adding mine to the mix. Butt cracking could be a thing. [TDD]

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