Cyclist Confronts Bad Driver. Driver says ‘Sir I Have A Parrot Dying On Me.’ [Video]

Update: We were asked by the owner of the ‘I have a parrot dying on me’ video to pay to show it so we pulled it. In the ‘parrot dying on me’ video, a cyclist chases down a car he thinks cut him off only to be confronted by a driver comforting his dying parrot on the way to the vet. We’ve replaced it with “Baby the ultimate swearing Umbrella Cockatoo” video. Same idea (parrot) but with less dying and misdirected cycling rage.

That’s a new one.

I once had a panhandler knock on my car window with his hand over one eye. When I rolled down the window, he asked me for $6.29 to put his eyeball back in. He then showed me both his glass eyeball and the empty socket. I didn’t fall for it. [Arbroath]

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