Serial Urinator Police Sketch – Annoying Orange Is Peeing On People?

Serial urinator police sketch - Gainesville Florida

There’s an APB out for a man peeing on women in Gainesville Florida; known associates include pear, passion fruit, marshmallow and grandpa lemon.

From News 4 Jacksonville:

“In late February and early March, four incidents were reported of a man who was approaching women from behind and urinating on them. Since the media coverage of those reports, at least three more victims have come forward to report the same crime, according to police.

One of the victims was able to give enough information to help police create a sketch of the urinator…

Originally three cases were reported, then more women started coming forward after hearing other victims’ stories. Police said they now have six victims who were urinated on by the man.”

Characters from the Annoying Orange

Looks like the work of the ‘Hey apple’ gang? (Yeah, we’re stretching it a bit.) [News 4 via F]

Man peeing on women in Florida is Annoying Orange?

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