Office Space Flair Guy Sues For Proceeds From Flair Guy Merchandise.

Brian the ‘Flair Guy’ from the movie Office Space wanted a cut of the Flair Guy merchandise and he sued 20th Century Fox to get a piece of it.

From Quartz:

“More than a decade later, the cult success of ‘Office Space’ spawned a lawsuit by actor Todd Duffey. He played Brian, a particularly grating member of the Chotchkie’s wait-staff, who was held up as a shining example of the restaurant’s ‘maximum flair’ policy.

Flair Guy in Office Space SuesDuffey felt his image had been unjustly used to sell a spin-off product from the movie: the Office Space Box of Flair, which contained a small book about the movie along with ‘fifteen flair buttons printed with fun sayings and designs.’ He filed suit against 20th Century Fox last year, seeking damages, attorney’s fees and ‘destruction of the allegedly illegal flair’ that featured his photograph.”

Flair Guy lost.

What’s truly crazy about this story is that the Flair Guy genuinely thought he was entitled to a chunk of the Flair Guy merchandise money. What’s absolutely cuckoo-town is the fact that 20th Century Fox actually created Flair Guy merchandise based on the Flair Guy role in Office Space.

Despite the nice court documents, this story smells of hoax. [C]

Update: We got Todd ‘Flair Guy’ Duffey’s reaction:

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