Archives for April 2014

Elvis Presley’s Coat Went On Tour – Why Not His Tooth?

Just added ‘Meeting the people who paid to see Elvis Presley’s tooth’ to my unbucket list.

Comment on ‘Who’s Breathing The Worst Air In America’ Article Wins!

Just as you start searching for your city in the list of ‘Most Polluted Cities in America’ list, one commenter ends the debate with one sentence.

Dramatic Dumb And Dumber. [Video]

Josh Rocklage turned Dumb and Dumber into a drama and now, I just want to see it again to clear the dramatic Dumber Dumber from my head.

Rock Climbing Bears Are A Game Changer. [Video]

Basically, you are screwed if a bear is chasing you. Now, there’s only one way to prevent a bear attack and its almost worse than letting the bear attack.

Game Show Loser – Swedish Woman Not Happy About Picking Door 5. [Video]

You could win a cruise or you could win bath salts and a towel. Guess what this woman on a Swedish game show got?

Here’s My ‘Haven’t Seen It Yet’ Movie Review Of Godzilla 2014. [Video]

And check out the new trailer for Godzilla 2014 that is due out May 16.

Yankee Fans Boo Cano Picture. Act Like Fanboys Around Real Cano. [Video]

Watch Yankee fans get to boo a Robinson Cano picture for leaving the Yankees. Watch Yankee fans act like schoolgirls around actual Robinson Cano.

Movie Filmed Over 12 Years. [Video]

Richard Linklater’s fictional film ‘Boyhood’ follows the life of one boy over 12 years. It’s due out in July 2014. While you wait for it, check out 56 Up.