Will.i.am Untethered Smartwatch? According To TDD, Will.he.won’t.

YouTube: Will.I.Am Shows Off His Smart Watch – Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Calling TDD’s article “Why will.i.am’s smartwatch has already failed” a takedown is an understatement.

From TDD:

“After showing that his smartwatch can be used to dial a phone number, will.i.am then swipes at the screen a few more times to make it play music. As if to demonstrate that, yes, that is indeed music emanating from his wrist, he proceeds to do a dance. Again, his microphone does an extraordinary job of providing clear audio despite will.i.am waving his wrist around. The audio quality raises questions as to whether will.i.am was actually playing sound from his smartwatch at all.”

Is the takedown of the will.iam smartwatch ‘before it’s released’ justified? Abs.o.lutely. [TDD]

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