Archives for May 2014

Port St. Lucie Police Department Is In Their Busy Season.

What does a caged raccoon drug house have to do with a domestic dispute involving transgender porn and a boot? A day in the life of a Port St. Lucie PO.

Meet The Clippers New Owner. [Video]

Steve Ballmer saved the NBA’s ass by purchasing the LA Clippers. Now, he’s got his eyes on other NBA teams to purchase and fold into the Clippers.

Galactic Cap Is A Beanie For Your Weenie. [Video]

The Galactic Cap is a two-piece condom that attaches to your…. just watch the video.

Penis-Vagina Argument Has No Winners. [Video]

Dumb couple broadcast their dumb argument and try to establish who has a penis and who has a vagina. Being, and having, assholes already established.

Walking With Cast On Broken Leg.

Wading through the crap that is the internet, I could only find one thing that was crap-worthy. Thank you imgur and thank you puppy with broken leg.

New Neighbor Sings Karaoke To Announce His Arrival. [Video]

If this becomes a ‘thing’ – this guy might spur others to sing their arrival in a new neighborhood. When it doesn’t….

Dr. Charlie Day’s Commencement Speech Kills! [Video]

Listen to Charlie Day’s commencement speech to the 2014 graduating class of Merrimack College… and wish it were longer.

Exorcism 101 – Don’t Take That Cellphone Call. [Video]

Exorcism Fail.